Political Journalism

Are you considering a career in political journalism?

Political journalism is the name given to a broad branch of journalism that includes political science and the coverage of all political aspects, usually referring to the coverage of political power and civil governments.

This exciting sector is a challenging, yet thrilling field, that is in the midst of a restructuring and rebirth due to the prevalence of social media, blogs, and independent cable news networks. Most political journalists will be able to meet one-on-one with local, state, or national law makers, travel along on campaign trails, and participate in a camaraderie with elected officials.


Learn more:

Audience: Who are your readers and people watching on TV?

Finding Topics: How to find newsworthy stories?

Research and Investigation: What are your sources?

Ethics: Which standards should you apply?

Change: How has political journalism changed – and which further change can we expect?

Employers: Where can political journalists work?

Career: Is it the right choice for you?